Peter Cosgrove



2016 is a busy year for Peter who has lead roles in four feature films. He played a small role in the multi million 'Pilgrimage' (with Tom Holland, Jon Bernthal, and Richard Armitage). Peter was also cast on 'Alexei Tylevich's exciting project, 'Legend Of Cambria'.

peter colour


Jack Bones, THE SMOKER AND THE DAME WHO WORE RED SHOES, Loose Grip, Ciaron Davies
Gaelic Warrior, PILGRIMAGE, Savage Productions, Brendan Muldowney
Fergus, DALRAITA'S KING, Fellowship Film, Phillip Todd
McCabe, GRAINNE UAILE-THE MOVIE, Loose Grip, Ciaron Davies
Valentine, EVIL SOULS, Moviedel, Roberto Del Piccolo
Sam, ALONE, Richard Butler
Jesus, JESUS VISITS THE CITY OF CULTURE, Pure Derry, Eugene Magee
Mental Patient, SPLASH AREA, Yellow Fever Productions, George Clarke


Irish Pirate, THE LOST SHIP, Tile Film, Keith Farrell



Ruger Man, LEGEND OF CAMBRIA, Pull The Trigger, Alexei Tylevich