Colin Appleby




colin b&w photo


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, DARKSIDE MYSTERY, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Hanako Kuyama
Creon, OEDIPUS TYRANT, BBC, Alan Phillips



Mad Hatter, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Gary Starr Productions, Ruth Brennan
Duncan, MACBETH, S4K, Julian Chennery
Seymour Rosenberg, YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY, Above the Stag, Andrew Beckett
Jacob Engstrand, GHOSTS, Sell a Door, Philip Rowntree
Charles Reeves, JACK THE RIPPER'S LONDON, Crow Theatre, Natasha Campbell
Old Man, MEZZANINE, Just Another, Arden Redgrave
Brian, NOT FADE AWAY, Sell a Door, Alice Malin
Richard Maidment, VIGILANTE, Roar Productions, Sam Snape
Dr Semple / Lead male, PERMISSION TO CRY, Made by Imps, Mike Holmes/Colin Jonathan Appleby
Lieutenant General, THE OVERCOAT, Assembly Point Productions, Eero Suojanen
Sam Berryman, FLATSPIN, Georgina Sowerby
Cardinal Pandulph, KING JOHN, APD, Zabajad Salam
Timon (Lead), TIMON OF ATHENS, Jonathan Dawes
Arnold (Lead), TORCH SONG TRILOGY, QNA Productions, Colin Jonathan



Alfred Blunt, LEYSHON BROTHERS MUSIC HALL, Crow Theatre, Natasha Campbell
Lord Mammon/Shylock (Co-Lead), BETTER THAN SEX, PostMinArt, Robert Suda
Theodore Whitman, FOLLIES, All Star Productions, Tim McArthur



Snogging Teacher, 7.2, Island Films, Nida Manzoor
Dog Walker, FLOTSAM, Mini Productions/Organised Chaos, Michael Beddoes
Harry, TWO DAYS IN THE SMOKE, Slate 4 Films, Ben Pickering
Ambrose Dexter, ARKHAM SANITARIUM, Survivor Films, Andrew Morgan
Deputy Prime Minister, DEATH KORPS, Storms Edge Productions, Peter Saysell-Rosales
Charlie, MESSAGES IN BOTTLES, Lately Productions, Ewen Glass
Gareth Milgram, PEACE WEEK, LILYwoot Pictures, Mark Tehnsuko
Medical Man, SET BACK, Wolf Valley Films, Bulent Ozdemir
Adult Luke, THE END, Neath Films, Ted Evans
Paul, EUROSUPPORT 6, Dreamcoat Productions, Joseph Adesunloye



Fleshcreep, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Gary Starr Pantomimes, Gary Starr
Tinman / Uncle Henry, WIZARD OF OZ, Gary Starr Pantomimes, Gary Starr
Fleshcreep (Villain), JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Gary Starr Pantomimes, Gary Starr
King Stefan, SLEEPING BEAUTY, Polka Dot Pantomimes, Emma Carter



Man with Shopping, AMVBBDO/SAINSBURYS, Moxie Pictures, Luke Franklin