Luisa Pretolani

An accomplished and award-winning director and multimedia producer with extensive international experience working in London and New York. Producer for the past 10 years at Discovery Network Europe, producing, directing, adapting and marketing quality content for mainstream and paid channels. Previous experience gained in progressive roles with international broadcasters including; Al Jazeer a Inte rnational, ITV and RA I International.

River Crossing is a new production company founded by veteran feature films, shorts and documentary director Luisa Pretolani.
Luisa is a writer, director, producer and the founder of the Draper Film Academy. Her career brought her to work both in New York and in London. Her film work - whether fiction or non-fiction - focuses on social or political issues and unique, intimate human stories. Luisa has produced and directed programs for Discovery Channel, Al Jazeera International and ITV, such as: Italy's Other Religion, Berlusconi's Last Stand and People VS the Mafia and her acclaimed feature documentary (ITV) Mandy's Choice, which, with great sensitivity, tells the story of Mandy Garvin, a young American widow who successfully stood up against the system to be allowed to harvest her deceased husband's sperm in order to have his child. Luisa co-directed with Massimiliano Valli a trio of inter-related features for VACA Produzioni: Tizca, Berbablu and Tanabess. Her non-fiction production works include Small Gestures in Bare Rooms, an intimate portrait of artist Lucien Freud, filmed at the artist studio; In Search of the Messiah, both works directed by filmmaker Tim Meara. Luisa has written the New York-based feature Different Kind of Love. Whilst organizing the third year of the Draper Film Academy, a London community-embedded film school for young adults living at the Elephant and Castle, Luisa and her associates, have just finished filming River Crossing Productions' first short, THE LIFT.

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Luisa Pretolani Director/Producer