Tito Afoke

Tito Afoke has just finished filming a Turkish movie called 'Iki Nefes Arasinda' (between two breaths) which will be released later on in the year. He is currently filming a new showreel. Tito has also been busy on tour this year playing the role of 'King Louie' in 'The Jungle Book', which sold out in Baytree theatre with Hammond productions.

Tito Afoke


Model, ANTZ PARTY, Coca - Cola
Lead Male, DATE NIGHT, Grade A productions, George Putnam
Model, HOUSE PARTY, Ministry of Sound/Autobahn, Pedro de la Fuente



King Louie, JUNGLE BOOK, H Live, Paul Hammond
Bahgeera, JUNGLE BOOK, Gary Starr Pantomimes, Gary Starr