Mikaela Ruddell

Mikaela trained at East 15 Acting School, graduating in July 2019 with a degree in World Performance. Whilst at East 15 she studied many forms of theatre (both Western and non-Western), and therefore her strengths lie within her versatility and adaptability. She also studied at The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) practising Meyerhold’s biomechanics and Chekhov with Stanislavski technique.

Originally from Newmarket, Suffolk, Mikaela’s credits include playing eponymous role, Panjinlian (directed by Chinese Opera specialist, Chen Gang) and Naipi the Waterfall from Macunaima (directed by Andre Pink at the Clifftown Theatre). She has also been involved in many devised pieces, including a political piece in the strive to save our NHS; Blue Dodo and a play that explores the fragility of human life after death; LUX.

During her training at East 15 offering many interdisciplinary skills, Mikaela has a well-rounded approach to theatre, and also enjoys directing, producing and dramaturgy. She directed her own piece in 2018, collectively created with the company, entitled BLUEPRINTS, which explored themes of relationship attachments and how they affect us in life. She also produces work for Project Lockout, a cinematic physical theatre company,  debuted The Manic Complex at Southend Fringe Festival 2019.

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