Peter Cosgrove

Peter is a actor who was born in N Ireland, but spent his early years in Perth, Western Australia.

Peter got into acting relatively late, after getting the buzz playing a featured role on Game Of Thrones.

Early roles involved playing Jesus, in Jesus Visits The City Of Culture, and Sam in the short film; Alone.
Such roles lead to a feature film lead role in Italian horror film; Evil Souls, and other lead roles in films such as Grainne Uaile – The Movie, and The Smoker And The Dame Who Wore Red Shoes.
In more recent times Peter has worked on The Gaelic King, Pilgrimage, Escape from Cannibal Farm, The House of Violent Desire, Violent Starr, and Stormtroopers. Taking him to such places England, France, Germany, Scotland and Southern Ireland.
With a roles already planned in a horror film in Finland, and an Italian horror, Peter is looking forward to his next adventure.

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