Alessio Rupalti was born in Genoa, Italy, his passion for filmmaking brought him to work in Cinecitta’, Rome, where he worked at a variety of film productions as assistant director for award winning (Palm D’Or nominated) director Pupi Avati.

Alessio balanced his cinema work along with collaborations with international communication agencies and independent film productions.

Since 2005, as an independent filmmaker he has directed and edited music videos and commercials for brand like Nolangroup, Alfieri St.John, Chervò.

His latest short film “Looking for Something Else” – has won him many international awards like Best Short Drama at International Short Film Festival in Mexico, Gold Award at International Movie Awards in Indonesia, Best Screenplay at Sorridendo Film Festival in Rome and Best Drama at Cevma International Film Festival in Netherlands.

In 2015, Alessio was awarded the prizes as Talented Young Italian and the following year as Emerging Film Director.

Early in 2018, Alessio decided to move to London to work as a filmmaker on a broader international platform. Summer 2018 has seen Alessio alternating his director work with the one as video editor editing music videos like “Mother Dirge” for the rock band Karamamoi’s, and Emilio Merone’s “I Will Find You”.

He is now in pre-production for River Crossing Productions, with his next short “Coming Back” written by Ivor Baddiel, to be shot in early 2019.


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