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Birgitta Bernhard is a passionate writer and published author,  who started by co-writing and producing the Children’s play ‘The Dream’, which helped her and her fellow actors, after touring schools and children’s hospitals with this play, to obtain their Equity card.

Soon after that, she wrote the feature screenplay ‘Surrender’ with Simone Wright. Based in New York in the 90s, it looks at writer Suzanne’s and surgeon Will’s quest, of what happens when two ordinary people face extraordinary circumstances, and shows not only Will’s journey but the power of true surrender. It reveals that the moment of surrender is not when life is over. Surrender is where life begins! Having been selected as a semi-finalist at EMIFF 2019 was rewarding for her. The script is currently being read by a significant Hollywood producer..

Her second feature film has the working title ‘Eve’s Story’ which she wrote with Eva Pope, in collaboration with Jake Canuso and Darren Black. A heartfelt family story set in England in the 40s post WWII. Again with Eva Pope and Amanda Ray-King, she has conceived the play ‘Scars’, subsequently written by Bryan Oliver.

.A few years later she was asked by Philipp Hurd- Wood to write one section for the feature film ‘Rainy Days’, an idea that would involve a number of stories rooted in Austria, Spain, Italy and Greece. All stories linked together, with the common theme of how relationships and especially love affairs are impacted by the recession, asking the question if love will endure. Birgitta’s 25 minute long caption is based in Vienna – ‘Miracle, Miracle, where art thou?’ a story about Thomas, a talented fine artist in Vienna who desperately strives for recognition and heavily relies on his wife Miriam’s income and patience, support and inspiration. But with the clock ticking not only for his next art exhibition, but also Miriam’s own body-clock, their relationship is strained with existential worries to breaking point. Only a God-sent gift could offer a chance for their dreams to stay alive!

Birgitta is successfully holding six day creative writing retreats; ‘The Art of Living Creatively’, in the UK and Austria, offering creative tools for a different approach to writing, whilst deeply exploring oneself.

In 2019, she co-produced her self-penned short-film, ‘Wisteria Cottage’, in Super 8, directed and beautifully shot by Marcus Thompson. Barbara, the main character, decides after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, not to continue her aggressive treatment. She invites her friends to her and her late husband’s cottage, with consequences none of them could envisage. The cast includes Kate Isitt, Jake Canuso, Amanda Ray-King, Darren Black and herself as Barbara. The film currently circles the festival circuit and has been selected for CoSM Women’s Visionary Film Symposium, in New York.

Having founded Charismatic Productions ltd. with Jake Canuso in 2004 with Peter Westcott and Kate Isitt joining as co-directors in May 2016 – they have created a platform for their work as an ensemble.

Charismatic Productions has produced several Rehearsed Readings at the Soho Theatre. The productions include: ‘Speaking in Tongues’ by Andrew Bovell, directed by Lois Norman, in which I performed the role of ‘Jane’, co-produced by Brian Brolly and Peta Boreham , ‘Empties’ an American play by Andy Wolfendon, in which Birgitta played the character of the mentally challenged  ‘Ethel’, and ‘Scars’ by Bryan Oliver, in which Birgitta performed the role of ‘Maria’

With her writing partner Peter Westcott, well known in the textile-design and fashion world, a collaboration she feels is a match made in heaven, she has completed rewrites for the ten x 50 minutes episodes, TV comedy-drama ‘Sequin Deep’, which follows top socialite Jicky Ambrose and the characters she encounters on the London fashion scene, during recession, post Brexit and pre-Covid-19.  Having been selected as finalists to partake in the Pitch-Forum of EMIFF19 –, the Evolution Mallorca Int. Film Festival, Peter and Birgitta are currently in the process of finding the right producers/broadcasters in the UK and the US, to secure the last remaining names for their Dream Cast in the series. (Kate Isitt, Jake Canuso, Raquel Cassidy, Amanda Ray-King/Thompson, Philippe Brenninkmeyer and Birgitta herself have already committed to this project, subject to availability)  During lockdown the ensemble cast, alongside Cristian Solimeno and Peter Westcott of course, have started to meet via zoom for weekly read-troughs’ of all episodes,  keeping them happily collaborating and inspired.

Birgitta  is also engaged in the development of the Irish feature film ‘Sisters of Revolution’, written and directed by Siobhan Cleary, a very important story of the sisters Constance Markievicz and Eva Gore-Booth, and together with Siobhan is currently revising the fifth draft of the script, in which she will portray ‘ Esther Roper’,  the partner of Eva Gore-Booth.

Over the last ten years, Birgitta also narrates and edits Audio-books for ACX, Audible Inc. Early 2016 she was offered an Author’s Contract by the CEO of GourSEOArt. Int., one of the production and publishing companies she has worked with as narrator and editor,  to publish six of her most recent writings, including the book ‘Moments of Reflection’, for which she collaborated with her husband Rudolf Reinbacher and the childrens’ story “Little Dorothy’s invisible dream’.               

Birgitta strives to make a difference through the stories she gives a voice to, and always works towards finding the truth in her writing, with all the inspiration and integrity she can muster!

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