Birgitta Bernhard is a passionate writer and published author, who - in the mid 90s, started off by co-writing and producing the Children’s play ‘The Dream’, which helped her and her fellow actors, after touring schools and children’s hospitals with this play, to obtain their Equity card.


Before that she wrote the feature screenplays ‘Surrender’ with Simone Wright. Based in New York in the 90s, it looks at writer Suzanne’s and surgeon Will’s quest, of what happens when two ordinary people face extraordinary circumstances, and shows not only Will’s journey but the power of true surrender. It reveals that the moment of surrender is not when life is over. It is when it begins!


Her second feature film has the working title ‘Eve’s Story’ which she wrote with Eva Pope, in collaboration with Jake Canuso and Darren Black. A heartfelt family story set in England in the 40s post WWII.


Again with Eva Pope and Amanda Ray-King, she has conceived the play ‘Scars’, subsequently written by Bryan Oliver.


In 2007, she co-produced her self-penned short-film, ‘Wisteria Cottage’, a Super 8 film, directed and beautifully shot by Marcus Thompson about Barbara, who decides after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, not to continue her aggressive treatment but invites her friends to her and her late husband’s cottage, with consequences none of them could envisage. The cast included Kate Isitt, Jake Canuso, Amanda Ray-King, Darren Black and herself as Barbara.


A few years later she was asked by Philipp Hurd- Wood to write one section for the feature film ‘Rainy Days’, an idea that would involve a number of stories rooted in Vienna, Spain, Italy, Greece etc... All linked together with the common theme of how relationships and especially love affairs are impacted by the recession, asking the question if love will endure. Birgitta wrote the 25 minute long caption based in Vienna – ‘Miracle Miracle, where art thou?’; about Thomas, a talented fine artist in Vienna who desperately strives for recognition and heavily relies on his wife Miriam’s income and patience, support and inspiration. But with the clock ticking until the next Vernissage, as well as secretly her own body-clock, their relationship is strained with existential worries to breaking point. Only a God-sent gift could offer a chance for their dreams to stay alive!


Together with author Vicky Grut, she was successfully holding three ‘Creative writing courses’, each for 12 four hour sessions, exploring and offering tools for a different approach to writing.


With her present writing partner Peter Westcott, who runs his own, very successful textile-design business/companies, a collaboration she feels is a match made in heaven, she has recently completed, the 7 x 1 hour episodes, TV comedy drama ‘Sequin Deep’, which follows top socialite J’Chi Ambrose and the characters she encounters on the London fashion scene, during recession. They are currently in the process to find the right producers/production companies in the UK and Stateside to secure the last remaining names if their Dream Cast. Being also a versatile actor, she has secured the part of ‘Romy’ in this series.


She is also engaged in the development of the Irish feature film ‘Sisters of Revolution’, written and directed by Siobhan Cleary, a very important story of the sister Constance Markievicz and Eva Gore-Booth, and together with Siobhan is currently revising the second draft of the script, for which she was offered to portray the part of ‘Esther’ as well.


As, over the last two years, Birgitta also narrates and edits Audio-books, she was recently offered an Author’s Contract by the CEO of GourSEOArt. Int., one of the production and publishing companies she has worked with as narrator and editor, to publish six of her most recent writings – which includes transcribing her script - the feature film “Surrender” written with Simone Wright – into a novel.


She really wants to make a difference through the stories she gives a voice to, and always works towards finding the truth in her writing, with all the inspiration and integrity she can muster!

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