Emilio is a Composer, Piano and Keys player, Producer, Arranger, Film Composer

Master's Degree in Classical piano and 2 Diplomas in Jazz and Modern music.

He has recordings (25 CDs) and tours all around the world with great musicians as Antonio Sanchez, Scott Colley, Jaques Morelenbaum, Anita Wardell, Heidi Vogel, Sarah Jane Morris, Joy Rose, Sulene Fleming, Celia Mur, Emilia Martensson, Janine Johnson, Katie Leone and others.

Roland endorser since 2015.

Musical Director in several bands and theatres shows in UK and Italy.

Brands: Barclays, Lexus, Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover, Emergency UK, Sanghamitra Promotions, Autism Aid Onlus, RAI, Mediaset.

Emilio is currently working on:
The score of  'The Glove', a short movie of the director Luisa Pretolani.

His own show called 'Katharsis'  will be on stage on 23rd September at The Electric Theatre https://electric.theatre/shows/emilio-merone-katharsis/) and the 28th October at Norden Farm Centre of the Arts https://norden.farm/events/katharsis)

Katharsis is a multi-sensorial show that fuses music with dance and visual art. The performance involves three musicians whose playing merges elements of soundtracks, soundscapes, ambient, ethnic and electronic music. On stage there's also a dancer, who performs choreographies and improvises, following the ever-changing music flow. Visual art projections on the background complete the hypnotic sensorial experience. 

The purpose of Katharsis is to lead the audience into a dreamlike journey of the mind, a total experience intended for the purification of one's emotions, and aimed at inducing an inner change that will result in renovation and restoration, just as it was conceived by Aristotle in the 4th century B.C.



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