Roger Goldsmith

Playwright and Producer

Roger is currently developing a play about Althea Gibson, the first black tennis player to win Wimbledon, entitled ‘Everything Was White’. He was attracted to the story when he read an article about Althea Gibson and her lifelong friendship with Angela Buxton, a Jewish tennis player, and Althea’s doubles partner. Both were discriminated against for their colour and ethnicity. They won the French and Wimbledon doubles titles in the 50s. In later life Althea became very ill and was financially destitute and threatened to take her own life, until Angela organised a fund on Althea’s behalf and saved her life.

His most recent play ‘Maise’ about a Father whose daughter Maise is killed in a traffic accident staged at the Bread and Roses Theatre in 2019, received four-star reviews. The plan is to take the play forward with a possible UK tour in 2022.

‘Freehold’ ( ‘Sometimes you knock on the wrong door but the right person answers it’) a two-hander comedy drama along with ‘Inside Out’ a double bill of plays, was produced by Titchfield Festival Theatre in 2020. Proud Haddock Theatre undertook a Zoom reading of the play in April 2021. The plan is to produce the play at a London fringe theatre in the near future.

‘Exhume’ a play telling the story of two brothers who have not seen each other for five years meet, and secrets of the past are unearthed, was produced by Titchfield Festival Theatre in 2019. This the first production of the play.

‘Runaway’ based on a real-life story of a male teacher who runs off with one of his teenage pupils, was produced by Small But Mighty Theatre in Toronto in 2017. The play was subsequently produced in Portsmouth in 2018.

Roger was joint-winner of the Lost Theatre 5-Minute and One-Act Festivals for his plays ‘The Tackle’ and ‘Birth’, in 2015 and 2016 respectively, the latter produced at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth. (See website for a video of the play)

‘Grace’ a play telling the story of Grace and Paula, old schoolfriends, and an incident involving the son of one and the daughter of the other that brings them together for the first time for 30 years, was produced at a venue in Portsmouth in 2016. An extract from the play was staged by Sheer Height Theatre at the Arts Studio in 2016. Roger’s inclusion in the Royal Court’s playwright’s group of 2016 was based on an extract from ‘Grace’.

‘Montgomery’ a short comedy play, was produced by the Hope Theatre under the Directorship of Matthew Parker, in 2015, as part of their ‘Summer Showers’ series of short plays. The play was produced at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth, and most recently in 2021 by the Bench Theatre.

Bootleg Theatre produced a double bill of plays under the heading of ‘Deal With It’ at Barons Court, in 2014, including Roger’s ‘Torched’ a monologue telling the story of a teenager who seeks revenge on youths who killed her Mother. The play was live streamed by the So And So Arts Club in 2020.

Bootleg Theatre produced a comedy play ‘The Squeaky Clean ‘ at Wimbledon Studio for a three-week run in 2013.

‘3 For The Price of 1’ three short plays was produced at Barons Court theatre in 2014. The production included ‘Counting the Days’ a play about a father who has a relationship with his teenage daughter’s best friend. An extract from the play was staged at the Arcola Theatre studio in a collection of short plays by Sheer Height Theatre under the title of ‘ Women Redressed’ .

The play ‘It Started With A Touch’ about a Mother who reports her son to the police when she witnesses him beating up and almost blinding an innocent man, was staged at Wimbledon Studio Theatre as part of the theatre’s ‘Fresh Ideas’ festival of new plays in 2011.  A production at Barons Court Theatre followed, where it won the original play of the year award. The play has also had a rehearsed reading by the So And So Arts Club, and been staged by Talking Horse Productions in Columbia, Missouri, and locally in Portsmouth.

In 2011 ‘Blackberry Stains’ produced by One Eyed Dog films won a Goldie award in LA for the best short film. The film was shown at over twenty International film festivals.

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