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Siobhán Cleary is an award-winning Director, writer and producer, her social and political feature documentaries for Channel 4, have received international recognition.

 Siobhán is currently developing a historical feature film Sisters of the Revolution on Countess Markievicz and Eva Gore Booth, two sisters who were infamous rebels for the freedom of Ireland and the liberation of women. Siobhán has written the screenplay for Sisters of the Revolution.

Premiered in the cinema in Kosovo and Ireland, the historical documentary, If we can dance, on the war in 1999, where women activists organised a peace concert in the centre of a refugee camp.

Siobhán Cleary’s films have been a central part of human rights campaigns, to change the law, from rape inside marriage with Women Against Rape, to Care International’s campaign, Voices against Violence, standing against rape as a weapon in war.

The Truth Lies In Rostock, the feature documentary, won a special mention from the International jury at the International Documentary Film Festival in Nyon. It was specially selected by the International Jury at Cinéma du Réel.

The BFI awarded Siobhán for a documentary, She Made it on the Radio on the first wave of pirate women DJ’s playing tracks the people wanted to hear but could not find on the radio. Battle of Trafalgar a classic of eighties politics, won the Prix du Public at the International Documentary Film Festival in Nyon and had over 5 million viewers on Channel 4. Reviewed in 2018, by Journeyman Pictures, as “Still one of UK’s most important documentaries.”  Siobhán’s films have been broadcast throughout Europe from Channel 4, RAI 1 Italy RTVE Spain, ARTE La Sept to internationally, PBS USA, in CBC Canada and SBS Australia.

In May 2019 she has just completed filming Temple Girl Rocks a short drama, winner of the SDGI Arri Alexa competition. Siobhan’s Cleary is a multi-skilled Director with extensive experience as a self-shooter of documentaries, editor and writer of dramas.

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