Five Pence productions has released ‘Jed‘. Which has been nominated for 2 awards at the Birmingham Film Festival. Firstly it is up for ‘Best Local Film‘ and secondly ‘Best Online Content‘. Directed by client Nisaro Karim , it is a powerful thriller about a man who is looking to simply belong in society. 

Praised highly by Midlands Movies in their review. 

Nisaro also directs, two short films due for release in October. ‘Step Up‘ which is a prologue to an upcoming new series. It is an urban thriller, if you’re a fan of ‘Top Boy’, you will love this. Coming soon. 

The Despondent‘ is a Halloween horror with a heart. A new take on your traditional horror. Releasing 27th October 2019

All 3 films were filmed by Gurjant Singh and co-produced by Lisa Blissitt. 

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