ESRL welcomes screenwriter Tom Batt

Tom is an experienced screenwriter of both feature and short scripts, Tom has found success in competitions and has had several screenplays optioned and sold to various producers and

production companies around the world. Those scripts produced have gone on to become well received films at festivals and online.

Tom has been writing for 10 years selling his first short script at the age of 21. Developed into the short film ‘Pack of Pain‘ it went on to be well received at various film festivals.

Since then he has had interest in both his short and feature scripts from producers around the world and has also found success in screenplay competitions such as ‘Scriptapalooza‘ in 2015 when he placed as a Top Ten Runner Up for his feature screenplay ‘Birdwatching Naked‘.

In 2018 the short film ‘Nexus‘ was produced based on a short story written by Tom and there are currently several other shorts in development based on his scripts.


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